Sunday, July 19, 2015

Other, Wider Maps

Since I fully expect that the Blue Pelican may well journey beyond its immediate neighbors, here is a map of a wider area of space . . . (open as separate tab for optimum viewing):

And for those who wish to see even more, here is an even wider map:

Note that the "pink" area near the top of the above map is the rimward part of the Plavian League; additionally the Megusard Corporate and Swanfei Free Worlds . . . not that expect the Blue Pelican to journey that far afield . . . but one never knows for sure.

-- Jeff


  1. That's a good bit of space to get lost in.

    Just curious: are all the crew (save the captain and 1st officer) local to the area?

  2. Excellent question. I really had not thought about that . . . but for the most part they should be somewhat "local". I think that I might roll 1d8 (with a subsequent roll depending upon area):

    1 -- Non-Aligned world
    2 -- Galian Federation
    3 -- Trindel Confederacy
    4 -- Viyard Concourse
    5 -- Plavian League
    6 -- Megusard Corporate
    7 -- Swanfei Free Worlds
    8 -- Imperium or Other Distant World

    Thank you for the idea.

    -- Jeff

    1. Personally, I always pick or roll up a homeworld when I make a character. Sometimes it helps me figure out what they're like. And sometimes I have even filled in information about a world based on working backwards from the personality of a PC!