Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Sub-Sector Map

Above is the Blue Pelican's "home subsector".  Well outside of Imperial space, the area in RED is part of the Galian Federation.  The area in BLUE is part of the Trindel Confederacy.  And the area in GOLD is the tip of the Viyard Concourse.  In addition, although not currently visible, the Plavian League is not far off the top of the map . . . so it is certainly likely that Sector politics will cause some difficulties.

While the Blue Pelican starts her adventures at Cresta, she is headed in the direction of MedRealm, where co-owner Kara Lou Macbeth has relatives.  The hope is that MedRealm will become their "home port" and that they will be able to operate from there.

-- Jeff

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