Monday, February 29, 2016

Getting Started

[ Okay, to get started I decided that I needed to know when the "annual maintenance" was due.  I figured that Engineer Scott Grok's efforts would have pushed the date forward at bit . . . so I rolled two d12s and would take the higher for the month when the annual maintenance would be due . . . and rolled 11 and 4 . . . so it will be due on Day 330.]

Week 1           Cresta 

[Jonas]   While looking for a speculative cargo, a shipment of 80 tons of Dyes was available for 360,000 credits . . . which we could afford (we started with 465,000 cr), so I snapped it up because we would be headed to Carver's Range next where the dyes should sell at a bit of a premium.

I was able to pick up an additional 15 tons of Bulk Cargo to fill our hold.  As for passengers, until I had a chance to learn more about our new Stewards I didn't want to overbook . . . but I was able to get 8 Middle and all 8 Low Passage berths filled.  (income of 234,000)

Need to re-do all math figures -- above & below

As a Class C port, all that was available was unrefined fuel (cost 12,000) which we then ran through our on-board refining process.  Accumulated Docking Fees added up to (2d12 weeks) 900 credits.  Finally stocking up on our supplies cost an additional 30,000 credits; and our "maintenance" expenses were about 1,800 credits.  Crew salaries are not due yet.  (Total expenditures including spec cargo = 404,700 credits -- leaving a ship's fund of 294,300 credits).

Week 2         (in space)

Except for a


  1. Good to see the Blue Pelican flying. Abrupt ending though. I hope they didn't misjump!

  2. I am in the process of doing a serious re-boot. I found a much more satisfactory 300t "Far Trader" that will allow me to go back to a 7-person crew . . . which is necessitating re-writing (wrighting ?) several prior posts.

    Ship will be a "Dione Class A2Lm Far Trader" found in this product:

    And as far as I know they haven't misjumped . . . at least not yet.

    -- Jeff

  3. For your information, the planned route is Cresta => Carver's Range => Perelaar => Tarabalu => Medrealm.

    Kara has distant family relations living on Medrealm . . . and the hope is to establish that planet as their "home base".

    A future trip (depending upon circumstances) could be: Medrealm => Taravesh => Archipelago => Drovinthic => Orage => Medrealm

    By the way, the online maps I found are wrong in that Archipelago is non-Aligned instead of being part of the Trindel Confederacy.

    So I basically have eight worlds to at least sketch out. I just found something to help (I hope). It is called "World Creator's Handbook":

    Hopefully this will help to get me jump-started with my Star Trader / Traveller solo campaign.

    -- Jeff

  4. Aargh!

    I just realized that I posted the incorrect URL for where to find the "Dione Class A2Lm Far Trader". Correct URL is:

    -- Jeff

    PS, "chemobrain" gets frustrating at times . . . like now.